Status update

After seeing all the great cards in the Caring Hearts Blog Hop yesterday, I decided I would make some holiday cards….  Some will be for the Caring Hearts Card Drive & some will be for Operation Write Home (so no glitter, boooo).
I used my Cricut Christmas Card cartridge.  The snowman one was cute so I had to use it.  It wasn’t as easy & quick as I had hoped; I made 8 cards, and it took a few hours.
I also got the app update finished & submitted to Apple.  I am a little surprised since it says it will take 2-10 days (just like when it was new).  Based on how long it took me to update the app & how long Apple will take, I will have to figure out a schedule for future updates…  But I think I’ll take a day off of “app”ing… 🙂
I’ve been working on my vacation scrapbook.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time on that this week!  It would be nice to get it done!