Diamond Art

Hi there!  I have not been active too much this year with my blog – apologies!  Most of my card making has been assembling kits that I bought from other people…  But I have a project (not a card) that I’d like to share….

I just finished a Diamond Art project from Leisure Arts.  I started this before thanksgiving and did a little bit at a time – it was a great “I’ll spend 10 minutes tonight on this project”.  Because of that, it took me quite a while to finish – but I’m really happy with the results.  Now I just need to get it framed for next year!

Here’s the finished product:


This was a fun project. I did learn a few things as I made it – so I’ll share those tips with you. 

What didn’t work well:

-When I first opened up the package I put each of the things of diamonds into a divided container – but there weren’t enough spots and I used a wet erase marker on the plastic. The problem is I couldn’t always tell which one was which (because the marker rubbed off) and because I had some in bags and some in the caddy it made it harder to do. 

-I also did the transition at my dining room table and made sort of a mess with the diamonds – and a lot of them were in the carpet…..

-My cat LOVED to lick the fabric – so every time I would work on the project, I had to shoe her away… Not sure why she liked it so much!

What worked great:

-I used the cutter pillar light table – that made it a lot easier on my eyes and that worked really well – you can see the design on the light table below. Made it much easier.

-I bought This kit on Amazon that had pens that could do multiple diamonds at a time – that made things much easier – it was only a few dollars and made things a lot better.

-The kit also had containers for every color which I labeled with Avery labels (that I cut to fit) and wrote the code on them. I would recommend doing that from the beginning  since I lost diamonds every time I transferred. 

I took the kit with me on a trip – it’s a great project to take with you – lightweight, not a lot of pieces and you can do it just for a little bit. 

If you decide to do one of these for a holiday or for a gift – give yourself enough time to get it done.

Thanks to Leisure Arts for the opportunity to try this project – it was a lot of fun and I’m really impressed with the outcome! I will definitely do another one!

Hope you had a merry Christmas & have a wonderful New Year! I hope to be back more  in 2020!


Review – leisure arts 30 pack premium colored pencils

I am happy to have my dad as guest poster on my blog. When I went to Creativation, I got a set of the leisure arts premium colored pencils. I have several sets of pencils but my dad has way more – since he does lots of drawings with colored pencils – so I figured he would know best if they were good….

So he used them in his most recent drawing.

Here’s his review –

I used the LEISURE ARTS 30 pack premium colored pencils artist

quality for my latest drawing.

I am not an artist, but I try to use my

spare time wisely and have made a few color drawings that my

friends seem to enjoy.

The color selection for the Leisure

Arts 30 pencils is adequate for getting the basic drawing

down, the color went down smoothly and can be darkened with

layering passes. The pencils came pre sharpened and ready

to use. Mistakes can be erased easily using these pencils

without leaving color smears. I like these pencils, because

of the chosen colors.

I hope you enjoy the attached picture.



And here’s his awesome picture!

A close up

Isn’t it great? I hope you enjoyed his art & his review! Thanks Dad!

Although I received the colored pencils for free, all opinions in this review were my dads and he was in no way influenced by the company.

You can get the pencils by clicking this affiliate link below – this means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Buy Premium Colored Pencils


I’m super excited to announce I have created a store on craftycardgallery.com!
Now you can buy the cool stuff from me!  I’m looking towards developing some card kits – but for now I am going to be featuring some of the cool things I saw at Creativation 2018 that I can get for you!

If you would like to buy – click here

I think I showed you the cool star –


Now you can buy the die in my online store!

I showed you some cute Lawn Fawn Stuff – now you can buy some of the items in my online store (If there’s something you want that isn’t posted, please let me know)!  I’m excited to branch out!



Now you can get the pocket die as well as the woodland creature gift pocket – isn’t it sooo cute???


You can also get a Gemini Machine – I was so impressed with how well it worked!

I can’t wait to get mine and play with it!

so if you want to buy – click here

Have a great day!



Creativation 2018 day 1 & 2

So I think I actually made it through all of Creativation in 2 days! I’ll be going back tomorrow to make sure I didn’t miss anything and hopefully do some more make & takes.

AFCI is a great opportunity to get inspired and see what’s coming in the craft world!

So a few trends….

  • Planners (still popular) & travelers notebooks
  • Llamas (I saw a lot of them)
  • Glitter is huge!!! (I love glitter)!
  • Watercolor/inks
  • Dirty pouring

Here are a few photos for you.

Lawn Fawn

Creativation 2018

Getting ready for Creativation 2018! There will be lots of posts coming at you this weekend!

Hi Again!

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My apologies that it’s been so long since I last updated… Lots of other stuff getting in the way. I did get some new Lawn Fawn stuff a week ago, so hoping to have time to play with it soon.

Here’s a card I made recently:

I’ve had these cat stamps for a while – I don’t know what brand they are… And the papers were just from my stash.  Made it for my husband & I colored the cats to look (sort of) like ours… And added a P to make it Pawesome 🙂

He thought it was cute.


Hope you have a Pawesome day!