Other stuff…

So the design team is going to take August off (a well deserved break for them) – I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have such talented people designing cards for my blog!!!!

So I thought I would do something different this month and do things other than cards. 
So today’s is a different use of paint…
My friend has a game called Mexican Train Dominos that we play at her house. We have a hard time because two of the colors are very similar and every time we play we say we wish it was q different color. 
So last weekend I took her dominos home to solve the problem!
We cleaned the dominos with Lysol wipes to make sure they were clean. 
Then i picked a paint & paint brush and painted them. 
Here’s the Testor’s paint I used and the dominos before

And here’s after I painted

I was a little messy with the paint so I used crafters essentials to clean up any excess.  The paint worked great. 

It worked great!

This was a fun quick little project and should make our game playing more fun! 
Hope you enjoyed my tip!