Happy Halloween

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween! Crafty Card Gallery designer Thia here, from Blue Moon Creation Crafting Station with today’s inspirational post just for YOU!
My card crafting inspiration comes from various places…and that cookie up there was part of the inspiration for my card that I’m sharing with you today…along with this month’s Crafty Card Gallery theme: trees.
Since it is Halloween, I wanted a SPOOKY TREE on my card, but I didn’t want it to be my focal point because HOW was I going to make a cute spooky tree? Then there was that Facebook post I saw of this adorable cookie from a shop in Eugene, Oregon called Cookies Cookies (so says my dear Facebook friend). Anyway…that’s when the inspiration bug HIT! And so this card came to be:
It was a bit tough gluing on the gems…they didn’t wind up in the exact spot I wanted on my ghost. But it’s still a fun 3″ card! Wouldn’t you agree?
Thanks for joining us here today! Have a fun and safe Halloween! I’ll be back with more card inspiration on the 31st of every month with 31 days! So check back here on New Years Eve day to see more of my creations! Have a Crafty Card day!