Update #1 coming SOON!!!!

I’m really excited by all the positive response I’ve gotten – people submitting cards, asking how they can be involved.  I’m happy to say that Update #1 is coming very soon (will submit Monday).  If you already own the app, you get all the new content FREE!!!  The gallery is triple the size it was in the original release!!!  Lots of new cards, lots of new designers…..
In order to get people excited about the release, I’m having a CONTEST!!!  Who doesn’t love contests???
Here are the details:

Winner will get a $20 gift card to either Amazon or Oh My Crafts!
Here’s what you need to do to get an entry to win:  (Winner will be chosen randomly on 11/26/2010)
  • Submit card(s) – you will get one entry per card submitted – to submit a card, email craftycardgallery@gmail.com
  • Refer a friend to our Facebook page (have them write on the wall and say that you referred them) – you will each get one submission for every friend referred, and they’ll get one too
  • Have a friend buy the app, and have them submit your name and their name via email with their device ID for proof of purchase. It’s easy to find your iPhone/iPod touch UDID, or device ID. In iTunes, choose the Summary tab on your device, then click on the text Serial Number to show your Identifier (UDID). Then simply ⌘–C (ctrl-C on Windows) to copy your UDID to the clipboard.  Paste it in an email  to craftycardgallery@gmail.com. You and your friend will both get an entry.
  • Comment on a Blog entry (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  • Comment on a Facebook post (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  • Participate in the +2 card swap to benefit Operation Write Home (must email that you are participating by 11/15 and cards will be due 12/15/10) see the blog for more information which will be posted soon 
  • If you have any questions on the contest, feel free to email   or comment below.  All questions will be answered here in the blog.

Good luck!!!!

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