Status update

After seeing all the great cards in the Caring Hearts Blog Hop yesterday, I decided I would make some holiday cards….  Some will be for the Caring Hearts Card Drive & some will be for Operation Write Home (so no glitter, boooo).
I used my Cricut Christmas Card cartridge.  The snowman one was cute so I had to use it.  It wasn’t as easy & quick as I had hoped; I made 8 cards, and it took a few hours.
I also got the app update finished & submitted to Apple.  I am a little surprised since it says it will take 2-10 days (just like when it was new).  Based on how long it took me to update the app & how long Apple will take, I will have to figure out a schedule for future updates…  But I think I’ll take a day off of “app”ing… 🙂
I’ve been working on my vacation scrapbook.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time on that this week!  It would be nice to get it done!

Update #1 coming SOON!!!!


  1. Dear Jennifer, Every year I decorate my house with snowmen! I LOVE your cute snowman card. I'm sooo excited about the new update for your app. I've often been checking to see if it is here. I'm going to email you, because I have a couple of questions. Have a Blessed day! Kara

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