SCBGM – All about me book challenge 10/31

I know, you’re probably thinking, this is a card gallery blog.  I’m here for cards… why are you doing a scrapbook?
Well, I started off as a scrapbooker – but it was too time consuming (and I could never get caught up or stay even) and all the fun tools and supplies I had hoarded worked great for cardmaking… So I stuck with that… Sadly, I haven’t scrapbooked in a long time (except to make albums for other people)… 
So when Gil posted on Facebook about this group, I thought, here’s a reason to scrapbook!  If I have an “obligation” on my list of things to do, I’ll do it…

So the first challenge is  to decide on what our book is to be about, source a book, create  a page, work out a plan for our books and give our book a title. There is no particular challenge theme for page one – just get creative.

So here’s what I decided…
I didn’t want to get intimidated by having a lot to do, so I decided to buy a smash book.  This seemed like a good idea – if you’ve never seen a smash book, here’s the info:  The little video is quite convincing.

So I bought a red smashbook, and created one page already. 
My plan for my book is to put random things about my life now… I think that I will find it interesting years from now to have a look at my day-to-day life – not just the things I would normally scrapbook (events, vacations, etc).

I hope to do things like how I spend my days (inspired from this article: and historical events that have impacted my life.  These will likely be less photo intensive and more word intensive (boo journaling!) but I’m looking forward to the challenge…

The title of the book is, of course, “Me” 🙂  I’m not all that imaginitive when it comes to things like that!

So here’s a photo of my first two pages:

I liked using the Smash Book pads, since they started me out on the right track. 🙂
Thanks for my foray away from cards – hope you enjoyed something different!

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