Paper Pumpkins

Hi all you crafty folks! Thia here from Blue Moon Creation with my DT post for Crafty Card Gallery.

I am not sharing a card with you today, instead I’d like to share something that would go good with a card as a special gift. What I’m about to show you can be used for Halloween as a Boo! gift or for your Thankgiving table for your dinner guests. The choice is completely up to you. Ready? Let’s start with this:
Now with that much stuff, you can make 3 pumpkins. Each pumpkin needs about 6-9 strips of one inch wide paper 4-5 inches long. Punch holes at each end of the strips and run through your embossing machine. (Note: sometimes it really thins out your paper in places and the paper will rip where embossed when bent.) Punch holes in leaves and the brown strips. (Brown strips can be curled with a pencil.) With a long brad, place the leaves and brown paper on first, then the strips. Secure. Now here is the tough part…you can push another brad through the hole at the bottom of the orange strips and secure. Now the tricky part of fanning it out. Separate the middle of the stack of orange strips. Squash down and fan out the strips to make a ball. You can add candy or dinner mints, depending upon your use.
Ready for some cuteness?
And the Spooky Pumpkin…

I hope you enjoyed these cute Paper Pumpkins! Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to see more of what I’m up to, please feel free to stop by my personal blog and say hi! I hope to see you there!

Valentine’s Day Card with a Difference!
Happy Halloween!!!


  1. What a cute idea!!! Love the paper pumpkins!!!

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