App is updated!!! Welcome new designers!!!!

Welcome to all the new designers (and of course to the ones who have been there from the start!)…
The app is updated.  YAY!!!   I just checked the App Store, and it is updated.  You can go to the app store on your iphone (or ipad or ipod touch) and tap updates.  It should show up as an update, tap it, it will say free (since you’ve already paid for it) and install.  Enter your password & tap ok.  It will take a minute to upload, and it will be there!  Have fun with it!!! There are lots of great new features.  I hope you like it! (you can still update it if you followed the instructions I had posted previously on Facebook)…

In other news, Operation Write Home is having a blog hop.  Crafty Card Gallery (this blog) will be participating….
On November 13th Operation Write Home will be hosting a “BE MY VALENTINE” Bloghop! The theme for the cards will be Valentines; so even if you’re not a blogger, come get some inspiration! Many of the blogs will be hosting challenges, offering blog candy, or providing fun tutorials. Get signed up today – or come to the Stars and Stamps blog on Saturday November 13th! 
Sandy (President of Operation Write Home) is a designer in the app – let’s show her some support!  You can sign up your blog here.

No card pictures today… I think the new app will give you plenty to look at!!! πŸ™‚
Have a great Tuesday!

New design

I found a cute new blog design on “The Cutest Blog on the Block”.  It was super easy to put in… So easy I may have to change it seasonally! πŸ™‚  Unfortunately, if you’re viewing the blog from the app, you won’t get to see how cute it is (you may just have to go to your computer!)….

Your photo for today is a cute Hello Kitty birthday card that I made for my niece….
I love Hello Kitty!  I used to love it as a kid & now I love to make cards with the Cricut Cartridge.  We also made a Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake.  It was very cute!
Hope you had a nice Halloween!

My first mobile post!
I forgot to make my card swap cards – boy birthday cards. I wanted to base it on a kids joke. “why did the elephant paint it’s toenails red?”. “So it could hide in the cherry tree!”. Not the funniest joke, but I got to use my zooballoo cartridge!! (lyrical letters, just because cards) and finally used the swirly cuttlebug cartridge. And, the best part – I was able to make 9 cards (2 extra) and didn’t have to buy anything!!! Woo Hoo! Using up my stash of paper!!!!!
PS, from my computer (not mobile) (ok, I had to intervene, since the picture didn’t come through)…
One thing I wanted to tell you all about, if you don’t know about it already is a great website called
I’ve been chatting with Shawn, the person behind Cricut Search.  She’s very nice, and has put a ton of time & effort into this great website.  When I made this card, I needed a cherry image…. but what cartridge has cherries?  I’ve been frustrated that the search on the gypsy is slow…. so I went to Cricut Search and looked for Cherries – surprisingly, on Lyrical Letters… I would’ve never thought to look there…. And found the perfect tree for it too…  It’s a great site… If you have a Cricut, go check it out.  They’re on Facebook too – let them know you found them through Crafty Card Gallery!!!  Thanks!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay safe this Halloween!

Status update

After seeing all the great cards in the Caring Hearts Blog Hop yesterday, I decided I would make some holiday cards….  Some will be for the Caring Hearts Card Drive & some will be for Operation Write Home (so no glitter, boooo).
I used my Cricut Christmas Card cartridge.  The snowman one was cute so I had to use it.  It wasn’t as easy & quick as I had hoped; I made 8 cards, and it took a few hours.
I also got the app update finished & submitted to Apple.  I am a little surprised since it says it will take 2-10 days (just like when it was new).  Based on how long it took me to update the app & how long Apple will take, I will have to figure out a schedule for future updates…  But I think I’ll take a day off of “app”ing… πŸ™‚
I’ve been working on my vacation scrapbook.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time on that this week!  It would be nice to get it done!

Update #1 coming SOON!!!!

I’m really excited by all the positive response I’ve gotten – people submitting cards, asking how they can be involved.  I’m happy to say that Update #1 is coming very soon (will submit Monday).  If you already own the app, you get all the new content FREE!!!  The gallery is triple the size it was in the original release!!!  Lots of new cards, lots of new designers…..
In order to get people excited about the release, I’m having a CONTEST!!!  Who doesn’t love contests???
Here are the details:

Winner will get a $20 gift card to either Amazon or Oh My Crafts!
Here’s what you need to do to get an entry to win:  (Winner will be chosen randomly on 11/26/2010)
  • Submit card(s) – you will get one entry per card submitted – to submit a card, email
  • Refer a friend to our Facebook page (have them write on the wall and say that you referred them) – you will each get one submission for every friend referred, and they’ll get one too
  • Have a friend buy the app, and have them submit your name and their name via email with their device ID for proof of purchase. It’s easy to find your iPhone/iPod touch UDID, or device ID. In iTunes, choose the Summary tab on your device, then click on the text Serial Number to show your Identifier (UDID). Then simply βŒ˜β€“C (ctrl-C on Windows) to copy your UDID to the clipboard.  Paste it in an email  to You and your friend will both get an entry.
  • Comment on a Blog entry (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  • Comment on a Facebook post (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  • Participate in the +2 card swap to benefit Operation Write Home (must email that you are participating by 11/15 and cards will be due 12/15/10) see the blog for more information which will be posted soon 
  • If you have any questions on the contest, feel free to email   or comment below.  All questions will be answered here in the blog.

Good luck!!!!

Blog Hop

I’ve been a lurker for a long time, following designers blogs, but never actively commenting or looking for other people to follow (it was all new to me)…
So I’ve decided to do my first blog hop today Caring Hearts Blog Hop.  It’s pretty cool to go through the different designers and see their cards.  It’s for such a great cause.  I think I will be spending some time getting crafty today (after all that inspiration) and will hopefully have several cards to send off to the Caring Hearts Card Drive as well as some pictures to add to this blog!  I am amazed at how many great card makers there are out there and how many great blogs there  are….  Too much to follow!  How do you all do it?
Have a great Saturday!  It’s gloomy weather here, but that’s great for staying in & being creative!