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Hope you had a great crafty weekend! I have been too busy to craft (boo!) but have gotten some cool new supplies – just need the time since I have the ideas swirling around in my head. Have a lot of cards to make this week! But of course I’ll share them with you.

I will also start on the update for the app on Monday night (lots to do, and unfortunately, I’ve been procrastinating)…. There are some things I would like to do but I don’t think I have the time to get them in this time… But the upside is, there are more cards!!!

Also, reminder about the Christmas card blog hop this weekend – if you’d like to participate, email me. We already have 16 blogs~so it should be fun. I will send out the final email about it on Tuesday night (so everyone can get ready before Thanksgiving.. πŸ™‚

Just a reminder, if you would like to be included in the next update, I need your cards emailed to me by Monday night at

Also, a reminder that I still have a contest going on! I know a gift card around Christmas time is always useful!!! Especially if you have lots of craft supplies that you want (like me!).

I’ll be giving away a $20 giftcard to Amazon or Oh My Crafts (your choice!)

Winner will be chosen randomly on 11/26/2010)

  1. Submit card(s) – you will get one entry per card submitted – to submit a card, email or submit a card from the app by 11/25.
  2. Refer a friend to our Facebook page(have them write on the wall and say that you referred them) – you will each get one submission for every friend referred, and they’ll get one too (you can post the contest post on your wall as well, and include the link to crafty card gallery by using the @ sign in front)
  3. Have a friend buy the app, and have them submit your name and their name viaemail with their device ID for proof of purchase. It’s easy to find your iPhone/iPod touch UDID, or device ID. In iTunes, choose the Summary tab on your device, then click on the text Serial Number to show your Identifier (UDID). Then simply βŒ˜β€“C (ctrl-C on Windows) to copy your UDID to the clipboard. Paste it in an email to You and your friend will both get an entry.
  4. Comment on a Blog entry (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  5. Comment on a Facebook post (limited to 2 entries total during the contest) and you will get an entry
  6. Participate in the +2 card swap to benefit Operation Write Home (must email that you are participating by 11/15 and cards will be due 12/15/10) see the blog for more information which will be posted soon
  7. If you have any questions on the contest, feel free to email or comment below. All questions will be answered here in the blog.

Good luck!!!! Please share with your friends!!!
Hope to have a card to post for you soon!!!

Working on cards…


  1. I'm still planning on sending in some new cards- I sent you an award go to my blog to claim it!


  2. is there a particular theme with the christmas cards?? can it just be any Christmas card???x

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