Mom’s Birthday Card, done 3 ways

Happy Sunday!
If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve had some issues with my Mom’s birthday card.  Well, today is the big reveal.  She’s been teasing me about not getting the card, but yesterday she got it & she agreed it was worth the wait…

So here’s the back story – my parents have a family of hummingbirds that love to hang out in their backyard – it’s like the hummingbirds are there all the time.  So when I went into my local stamp store & saw this stamp I knew I had to get it to make my Mom’s birthday card (which was good, since I was stuck on the idea I did have for her).

Well, I decided to use my SU! Watercolor pencils and a blender pen for the first version.  I wasn’t happy with the coloring; it looked to crayon-y and the colors just weren’t right.

So I took a copic marker class & bought the pens to make the card (if you haven’t figured it out, this turns out to be an expensive card!) and I redid it.

But I somehow neglected to pay attention to one important note that they told us in the class… You have to use Memento ink with your copics; otherwise the ink smears…. If you look at the picture above you can see smearing at the borders….   So, you guessed it, I still wasn’t happy…

So I went back to the store (with my Mom, this time) and bought the Memento ink… and tried it for a third time…  I also added some Spica (sparkly Copic pen) to the hummingbird….

Finally!  It was exactly how I wanted it to look (not as happy with the bow, though)…  My Mom really liked the card & I was much happier with the way it looked!

Other details of the card; used white gel pen to do fake stitching (yes, I used a ruler to make it straight) and glitter paper (I think it’s America’s best brand), and I think I got the page pearls at Micheals (not sure) and I had the ribbon already…

So here’s a picture of all the stamped images together to compare:

I think the differences are really noticeable if you see all of them together…
I hope it was worth the wait!

Well, I definitely learned a lot making this card!!!
And making my Mom happy = priceless!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Have an awesome year!  (even if your card is late!)  You rock!
Have a great rest of your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The card is gorgeous!! I think it definitely was worth the wait and your end result was the best.

  2. Your cards toppers are all gorgeous. Beautiful colouring.
    Thank you for sharing them and I hope your Mom has a Happy Birthday! 🙂

  3. I love the card. Of course I love hummingbirds too so this was an easy card to love. It was definitely worth the wait. I am sure your mom will love it.

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