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Hi!  Welcome to the history in my lifetime blog hop!  I signed up for the all about me scrapbook group, and this is part of that book.

I chose the iPhone/iPad as the historical event that affected my life. I know that sounds dumb, but it has had a significant impact on my life.
Here’s my two page spread, in my smashbook!
Here’s a close up of the pages:

And the other page

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History in My Lifetime

It’s hard to think something as simple as a phone would have a big impact on my life, but it has..
A few years ago, at work, they allowed supervisors to get cell phones & connect to their work email & calendar.  Being a gadget girl (who no longer had my palm pilot) who went to a lot of meetings, this seemed like a great idea!  I quickly signed up & bought a Blackberry Curve.  I even stayed with AT&T because Verizon didn’t have any good phones.  I loved my Blackberry – I even got “blackberry thumb” from using it so much…
So when my contract was up, i was contemplating either an iPhone or an android (which was new technology at the time).  I chose the iphone, and was super excited about it!  I even posted on facebook from the apple store with my new phone!!
I showed it to my dad – he had technology envy (I finally learned where I got it from)…  So I bought him an iphone too!
So how did the iphone change my life?  I got the phone in February 2010….  by September 2010, I was so happy with my phone that I took a giant leap and bought a MacBook Pro laptop.. (Prior to the iPhone I couldn’t understand why anyone would buy a Mac!)  Why did I buy a Mac?  Because I wanted to learn to program…  
I wanted to make an app…  It was like the movie Inception… the idea was in the back of my head…  I HAD to get it out…  I had to make the app.  I didn’t learn to program – I found another way to create my app.  And by October 2010, I had developed my iphone app – Crafty Card Gallery, and created a blog and a Facebook page for the app… 
in March, the ipad2 came out; and my awesome hubby Mark pre-ordered one for me for my birthday… I was so excited when they called that it had come it – I actually left work early, in the rain (and my boss let me) to go out to Folsom to pick up the iPad with him!)
I LOVE my ipad!
I celebrated my one year blogaversary in October 2011… It has been so rewarding meeting all of the people I’ve met (mainly online) and interacting with so many people that are so creative!  I actually got to meet some of the people that are local in real life at the scrapbook expo!  
I have fully embraced all things apple….
I have definitely improved in my crafting ability and have had a great time with the app!  I have another app in the works… and some other ideas in mind….None of which would have happened without the iPhone and iPad…
So I signed up for the all about me scrapbook group & signed up for the history in my lifetime – and I chose the iphone as my history… Shortly thereafter Steve Jobs passed away…  I have to admit, although I never met him or followed his life much – it saddened me that he had died… he was such a creative man; it seems like such a big loss.  
I have to say, I would never think I’d be writing about how much a phone changed my life!  Clearly it’s not the “phone” part of the iphone that’s changed my life… it’s the ability to do “more” with the device… as they say… you want to do that?  There’s an app for that!  I love having apps to do anything and everything I can think of… 
What types of things do I use my iphone/ipad for?
Blogging, note taking, to do lists, email, texting, weight watchers, crafty card gallery, pinterest, pop sugar, facebook, words with friends, hanging with friends, photos, shopping, banking, depositing checks, blog reading, and much,much more… 🙂
Here’s the complete line up in case you get lost…

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Star Wars Card
Guest Designer ~Jamie


  1. Neat post.

  2. This is great—-I love how we all have different themes.
    Hugs, Anita

  3. what a cool idea…..thanks for sharing


  4. Great theme. It's mind boggling to think that what we love now will be in history books (and possibly laughed at) by our descendants.

    vwilson577 at yahoo.com

  5. Great post I love that our posts are really connected the space program gave rise to so much new technology and pushed the envelop so to speak. I to am a gadget girl (even at 64) love it all though I am a little slower at getting on boaed. I am about to purchase an IPad my first just trying to figure out how BIG I want it!!LOL
    Thanks for sharing and love hopping with you.
    Big Blog Hugs! Janet

  6. chillin with Quillin
    January 14, 2012 - 5:34 pm

    awesome theme,thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Great post and a great layout, loved the story that went with it. Great theme reading all the posts about it.


  8. Love your story that went with your layout. TFS

  9. Scrapping Galaxy
    January 14, 2012 - 11:18 pm

    Nice journal

  10. OMG!! I keep reading your post over and over again!! I can't believe you have an APP on iTunes…. that is one thing I would love to have also. I just purchased your app!!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful story.


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