Designer Beth ~ May Challenge “Something Around Your Home”

Hi, Beth here from The Crafty Scrap Yard!
Today, we’re sharing with you our “stamp challenge” for this month with Crafty Card Gallery design team. 
For this challenge we we’re asked to use: An item you would find in or around your home must be featured on your card.

Here is our card:

We love fruits & vegetables at our house!  You can always find an apple…in fact several types at our house.  When we moved to Arizona we never would have imagined they would have apple orchards here, but they do!  We love to go and pick them in the fall.  We have yet to find AZ cider like they have back from the Midwest but we did from some from the Midwest the past two years at Sam’s/Costco, yeah!!   

More details about our card can be found on our blog at here.


~Beth & Emily
Birds of a feather flock together….

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