Design Team Challenge: Something Around Your Home

Good day all. I am here to share my Design Team project here at Crafty Card Gallery. Our challenge for this month was to make a card representing something around our house. Well, in our house clocks are a HUGE deal. Hubby makes the most beautiful clocks and my kids love to ignore them when they go off for school/work. So in honor of the many clocks that are scattered around our home, I made this card:

Of course I had to inject my sense of humor into this card. We all know it is 5 o’clock somewhere and I think this would make a great invite for time out with some friends. 

And here is a pic of a clock Hubby made for his sister:

Thanks to Jenn for having me over for a visit. Until next time…
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  2. Beautiful clock that your husband made and your card matches the theme of your home perfectly!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend,
    • Carson's Creations •

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