Bling Challenge – sponsored by The Buckle Boutique

Welcome to the Bling Challenge – sponsored by The Buckle Boutique!  
you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have a fabulous group of
ladies who have been making cards based on the challenge envelopes I
send them.  Some of these envelopes have been extremely challenging but
they’re always up for the challenge.

This months challenge was BLING!   Cathie, from
kindly sponsored this challenge, sending me a big envelope of bling to mail
out to the participants.  If they have a blog address next to their
name, please go visit their blog as they will have a post as well.

Look at all the beautiful bling!!!

This was a fun challenge – and I know there is a lot of potential for this product. 

1. Rachelle Larsen of

2. Shawnee Penkacik of

3. Jamie Moore of

5. Jennifer Restivo

 gift envelope for co-worker and a blinged out iphone case

If this has inspired you to try out these sheets of adhesive rhinestones, you have an opportunity to win some and to save some money on your order:
We’re giving away 3 3 sheet sets of the bling, and there’s a coupon code for 10% off your total order in the issue of Creations by Crafty Card Gallery!
You can get the magazine here:
You can enter the contest:
 A few things if you’re new to my blog –
Be sure to become a follower, I have lots of great stuff here!
And some shameless self promotion….
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And most excitingly, Creations by Crafty Card Gallery, a card making
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Thanks so much for visiting and thanks to all of the ladies who made awesome projects!  And special thanks to the Buckle Boutique!  I am definitely going to order some more…  
Have a great day!

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  1. Loved seeing the variation by each designer! Who can resist bling? Beautiful samples by all – thanks for sharing!

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