August Blog Hop with Sean & Regina

everyone! Thanks for playing along in our August blog hop! The Blog
Hop with Sean & Regina is featuring cards and sentiments celebrating
the fall season this month! After a very hot and humid July, most of us
are looking forward to a cool and colorful fall! When we think of fall,
our minds swirl like we are surrounded by falling leaves and a crisp
cool breeze in the air. Each host/hostess will have a card creation
posted that is his/her representation of what fall means to them.
Stamp Society is our blog hop sponsor! The overall winner will receive
digi’s from our sponsor. Please visit them at! Also some of our blog hop
host/hostess designers will be offering blog candy as prizes on their
blog sites, so please do not forget to visit his/her blog (and leave a
comment) to be eligible for bonus blog hop prizes!
Here’s my project:
This project didn’t come out quite like I imagined, and I
couldn’t think of a way to improve it… I like the idea… just not
the execution… 

So I made the Keep Calm from an app called keep calm from my iphone, and sent it to my printer wirelessly :).  Then I made the leaves & background by using some spritz inks (that I’ve had in my stash for ever and hadn’t used) and spritzing a piece of paper and then blotting a little with tissue, and then using leaf punches to punch out the leaves.  The only problem is it dried a little curvy – next time I would let dry fully before I attached to the card stock and then use lots of adhesive.  On the inside I used a strip of that red tape, and attached the punched leaves to it.
Simple card, and I really like the leaves.. but i think the fact it didn’t dry flat bothered me.

Now it is your turn to blog hop with all of our friends! The rules are simple:
Leave a comment on Regina’s blog first (and become a follower to enter a
chance to win the grand prize from Scrapbook Stamp Society)! 🙂
Go down the list of blogs visiting all of them (see below). Leave
comments on their blog pages to be eligible for bonus blog candy from
select blog hosts. The blog hop host/hostee offering bonus blog candy
will indicate that he/she has a bonus blog candy prize so read their
blog post carefully. Each blog will have the name and blog address for
the next host/hostess in line for the blog hop. Our number 2 on the
list is Regina at (The next blog will
be Regina’s and so on).
3. At the end of the hop, a
random winner will be chosen for the Blog Hop prize from our sponsor and
select blog hop hosts for Bonus Blog Candy. The deadline for leaving
comments is Monday, August 20, 2012 at 8pm CST. Winners of the Grand
Prize and bonus Blog Candy will be announced Tuesday, August 21, 2012. 
The Blog Hop with Sean and Regina participants are as follows:
Sean Fetterman
Regina Hardy
Melissa Cash
Sharri Seffens
Linda Anderson
Kay Simmons
Donna Rinckel
Ina Grehan
Roxie Nitti
Aixa Mercado
Jennifer Restivo
Tracy Palmer
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Winners & a card
Aug 18-19 Flowers and Ladybugs Blog Hop Days 1 & 2


  1. Card Crafty Club
    August 17, 2012 - 9:58 am

    ****** I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE!!! ******

    Jennifer, your idea is so inventive! I love it! Thanks for being a design hostess on the hop!

    Also, your magazine is the BEST! So much better than others I have seen! It is full of the most amazing quality content and samples! Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing the upcoming edition!


  2. Hi Jennifer – As Regina said earlier, we are our own worst critics – I actually love the curling leaves because that's what happens when fall is upon us and the leaves start turning colors and falling off the trees. Really pretty card. You'll have to share with us how you created the sentiment from an iphone app (is there an android ap?) Pretty cool!

  3. Wonderful card! Love the curling leaves. And wonderful fall colors!

  4. Colourful Hands
    August 17, 2012 - 1:13 pm

    Great work! i love the leave punches and the way you used these leaves, the curling, the color, the layout..everything looks great.

  5. Wonderful inspiration.

  6. Jennifer – I know the feeling of not liking a card because it doesn't look like what I pictured in my head! I love your card! It is very fall-like, and I chuckled when I say your sentiment. We were in London earlier this year and saw the "Keep Calm and Carry On" everywhere, but I like your sentiment about the leaves better! 🙂

  7. I love your card especially the sentiment. Autumn is very calming and peaceful.

  8. love your fall card and can't wait to gdet home in oct to read my new maga I have from card crafty:))))

  9. Great fall card. I like the sentiment, it made me smile 🙂

  10. Very cool technique with the spritz ink. The sentiment is great!

  11. Love your card! I am the same as you – there are cards I've made that I absolutely despise, but someone comes along and says how much they love it. And I'm like "Huh? How can that be – it's awful!" We are strange creatures sometimes.

    I really love your background – it looks quite marbled, and gives off a great effect.

  12. Gorgeous!! Love the sentiment and the leaves. Fun and fabulous!!


  13. We all have days when our cards don't turn out like they are supposed to. We are always so critical of our own work. What we don't like others do and this is no exception. I agree with Cheryl. Yo did a great job on this card and the marbled effect is so nice and love the way the leaves curl. Aren't they supposed to do that anyway?

  14. Great card …love the sentiment.

    Linda Drozd

  15. Ready for fall ready for calm thank you for the lovely inspiration

  16. Love the Stay Calm comments. Yours is really cute. Falling leaves are so calming.

  17. Such a gorgeous fall card! Love the 3-d leaves and the sentiment!

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