About Crafty Card Gallery

Crafty Card Gallery is an iPhone app (works on iPad and iPod Touch) that is now available for Android Phones. It is a card gallery for handmade cards. You can follow great designers, and look for ideas. It’s updated monthly so there’s always new great content for you… 

You can get Crafty Card Gallery in the iTunes app store and the android marketplace
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new app is based on the popular sketches and card making challenges
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card ideas. You can submit your own cards. This app will have new and
exciting updates to give you even more ideas! Be sure to check back in
the app to see what new and fun things will be coming your way!
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You can find Challenges & Sketches by Crafty Card Gallery here http://bit.ly/ITCSCCG 

Creations by Crafty Card Gallery  is a card making magazine with
techniques and opportunities to learn new things in addition to card
First issue is available here: