Diamond Art

Hi there!  I have not been active too much this year with my blog – apologies!  Most of my card making has been assembling kits that I bought from other people…  But I have a project (not a card) that I’d like to share….

I just finished a Diamond Art project from Leisure Arts.  I started this before thanksgiving and did a little bit at a time – it was a great “I’ll spend 10 minutes tonight on this project”.  Because of that, it took me quite a while to finish – but I’m really happy with the results.  Now I just need to get it framed for next year!

Here’s the finished product:


This was a fun project. I did learn a few things as I made it – so I’ll share those tips with you. 

What didn’t work well:

-When I first opened up the package I put each of the things of diamonds into a divided container – but there weren’t enough spots and I used a wet erase marker on the plastic. The problem is I couldn’t always tell which one was which (because the marker rubbed off) and because I had some in bags and some in the caddy it made it harder to do. 

-I also did the transition at my dining room table and made sort of a mess with the diamonds – and a lot of them were in the carpet…..

-My cat LOVED to lick the fabric – so every time I would work on the project, I had to shoe her away… Not sure why she liked it so much!

What worked great:

-I used the cutter pillar light table – that made it a lot easier on my eyes and that worked really well – you can see the design on the light table below. Made it much easier.

-I bought This kit on Amazon that had pens that could do multiple diamonds at a time – that made things much easier – it was only a few dollars and made things a lot better.

-The kit also had containers for every color which I labeled with Avery labels (that I cut to fit) and wrote the code on them. I would recommend doing that from the beginning  since I lost diamonds every time I transferred. 

I took the kit with me on a trip – it’s a great project to take with you – lightweight, not a lot of pieces and you can do it just for a little bit. 

If you decide to do one of these for a holiday or for a gift – give yourself enough time to get it done.

Thanks to Leisure Arts for the opportunity to try this project – it was a lot of fun and I’m really impressed with the outcome! I will definitely do another one!

Hope you had a merry Christmas & have a wonderful New Year! I hope to be back more  in 2020!